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Get the best return on your investment

Comparing apples to apples

. . . you can put your money to really work for you with any of our High Yield Share Certificates - including a 3.5% High Yield Certificate.

Start with as little as $500. The term is 35 months and the APY is 3.56%.

Or, if you'd like a shorter term, you can choose our 15 month High Yield Share Certificate, which gives you a 3.0% APR, with an APY of 3.04%

In practical terms, an investment of $250,000 can yield a return of about $26,000. An investment of $500,000 can yield about $53,000 in return.

No matter what you choose, you get the best return for your investment.

Open yours today! This offer is available only for a limited time.

Source of funds must be external to Texas Community FCU to qualify.

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